10 April 2008

Productivity guru launches personal blog

Claus Møller, the Dane who invented the Time Manager® results tool and is well-known for his productivity enhancing seminars and corporate turn-arounds for the likes of British Airways, SAS and other global service organisations has recently started his own blog.

It should be mentioned that Claus is actually my father so as to counter any responses about similarity of names etc.

On the blog he will post articles and thoughts about not only productivity, but also the other cornerstones of his management philosophies: relations, quality and leadership.

It is going to be interesting to see the content that will be developed on this site. So far there is a link to a short article on Bnet about how leaders could and should learn how to manage.

I'm sure that all of you productivity fans out there will welcome one of the true productivity gurus into our blogosphere and help him through engaging debate about how individuals, teams and organisations can improve their productivity.

Visit Claus Møller's blog here.

If you would like to find out more about Claus Møller's books and seminars, you can visit Claus Møller Consulting.

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09 April 2008

Transparency and openness in the workplace create a better environment for productivity

A new survey by Deloitte shows that transparency and openness by the leadership of a company help foster a more engaging and productive workplace. Furthermore, the "Deloitte 2008 Ethics & Workplace" survey also shows that these traits lead to a more ethical workplace.

The background for the survey is that we live in a world where flexibility in terms of career paths and how we choose to spend our time are the most important factors for many employees and managers. Organisations must be creative when it comes to allowing individuals the flexibility in terms of working habits and being able to "customise" their career paths. The survey also showed that one of the key factors in creating an engaging and productive workplace was for the employees to be able to better balance work schedules and personal priorities.

The main findings of the survey can be summarised as follows:

  • 72% of respondents agreed that openness by leadership about why they need to take time off will lead to a more engaging and productive workplace
  • 84% said that openness by leadership would lead to a more ethical organisation, and 68% said it would lead to a more values-based organisation
  • 81% take advantage of customised work arrangements, whereas 74% agreed that they would be more productive and engaged at work if they were able to better balance their work schedules and personal priorities.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that although 75% of respondents feel that overall most employees are treated equally when it comes to being able to set flexible work options, 50% still feel that the leadership set different standards for themselves.

For the summary of the survey, please go to the press release from Deloitte at the Sun Herald.

Do you agree with these findings? Are there other things in the behaviour of leadership that would have a greater impact on your personal productivity and work engagement? Please feel free to comment.

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Book of Tricks

Gina Trapani, of Lifehacker.com fame, has published the long-awaited second edition of her book full of tips on how to increase your productivity through software. Like the first edition, it is well-written, concise and has some great productivity tips for computer users at all skill levels. I highly recommend getting this book. Remember that if you only find one tip worthwhile, but it can save you 10 minutes a day - you'll get almost an extra hour's work done every single week.

Read more about Gina Trapani: Upgrade Your Lifehere and purchase it for the special low price of just £7.99 - 50% off at Amazon.co.uk.

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01 April 2008

Very useful articles for your business

I got an email today from Microsoft about some new research that they were giving away for free to members of the Microsoft Intelligence Service (MIS). If you already have a Passport account it takes no time to sign up and get access to great free articles from Harvard Business Review and The Economist. There is an article about "Britain's Digital Elite" and another one is The Economist's "Book of Bright People". By reading these articles, I'm sure that you will find some inspiration by finding out more about what motivates and drives these people. If you're more financially inclined there is a very interesting article for Finance Directors about why we should can budgets as we know them.

When you sign up you can also register to get a free copy of "Listening to the Future", the first book in the PRB Leadership Book series.

Click here to see more of the cool content that Microsoft are giving away.

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