01 April 2008

Very useful articles for your business

I got an email today from Microsoft about some new research that they were giving away for free to members of the Microsoft Intelligence Service (MIS). If you already have a Passport account it takes no time to sign up and get access to great free articles from Harvard Business Review and The Economist. There is an article about "Britain's Digital Elite" and another one is The Economist's "Book of Bright People". By reading these articles, I'm sure that you will find some inspiration by finding out more about what motivates and drives these people. If you're more financially inclined there is a very interesting article for Finance Directors about why we should can budgets as we know them.

When you sign up you can also register to get a free copy of "Listening to the Future", the first book in the PRB Leadership Book series.

Click here to see more of the cool content that Microsoft are giving away.

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