10 June 2008

Will New Apple iPhone Increase Productivity?

OK, so it's exciting as it's a new product from Apple, but is the new iPhone really going to increase your productivity just because it promises faster web browsing? Answers on a postcard after July 11th when it is released in the US.

Head on over to the Apple iPhone micro site to see the swanky new phone, the Steve Jobs show announcement and the new ad.

The greatest news about it seems to be that the prices have been slashed with the cheapest starting at $199 and that the phone now has in-built GPS capabilities in addition to the 3G, which will allow significantly faster web browsing. Which makes me think... how often do you REALLY browse the web through your mobile devices?

Even though Apple are taking aim at RIM's Blackberry, the financial markets were underwhelmed with Apple shares dropping 4%.

For once users in the UK won't be waiting for eons to get their hands on the phone as it will hit our shores at the same time as our cousins across the pond get it.

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